How Greater Heights can help
Research and statistics show that students today are looking for guidance and direction from older adults, and to know what their limits and boundaries are. As we've seen, many of these students have only one parent at home, or in many cases are disconnected whether there is one or two parents at home. That opens the door for the needs for significant adults in their lives.
Many adults want to be involved in helping the lives of youth, but may not know how or where to start.
Greater Heights has a tool for helping you in your ministry...  Creating A Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan guidebooks.
The use of these guidebooks in a small group setting (3 to 9 people) will not only help students as they develop a plan for preparing for the workplace, but will provide a foundation in their spiritual life that can turn their experiences in the workplace into an adventure with God!
For more information about Creating A Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan guidebook, click here.
The Spiritual Formation Model

"The spiritual formation model relies on a team of mentors; each mentor is deeply involved in the lives of a few young people. Each one facilitates the formation of the spiritual life within the hearts of these young people...their primary responsibility, their focused role, is the development of spiritual acuity within a few precious young lives. This new approach to ministry is wonderfully affirming to the youth pastor's and volunteers' spiritual lives. They need to notice, name, and nurture the presence of Christ in their own lives so that their experiences will overflow in their ministries to students.
— Dawson McAllister, Saving The Millennial Generation
Contact your youth leader/director and tell them you want to help them reach the next generation (and that you know of the perfect materials to help do the job!)
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